Anyango Mpinga draws inspiration from contemporary art and her rich, multi-cultural, Luo and Sukuma heritage through which she weaves a tapestry of modern and traditional elements to create elegant, ready to wear pieces that are authentic in design and timeless in appeal.


The prints from this collection are adapted from actual scarification patterns from various tribes across Africa such as the Akan people of the Congo basin in West Africa, the Toposa people from South Sudan and the Bodi from the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. This collection explores various ways of promoting a positive body image for all women, who at various stages in their lives wear both visible and invisible scars. Rather than hiding them, these scars must be celebrated as a mark of beauty and strength.



The Kondo Udo collection is inspired by the traditional headdress worn by tribal warriors and dancers from Anyango’s Luo tribe from Kenya. The ostrich in Luo culture is viewed as a symbol of great beauty and strength. The headdress, which is made of ostrich feathers, is used as a way of charming individuals who encounter the wearer.